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Listen to the new singles SWEET AMBROSIA and THE PASSAGE from upcoming album!

New album GROWING UP GROWING DOWN will be released April 5th 2024!

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”Succeeding in their aim to search for a new path must be considered a great deed. Incredibly impressive that they sound like no one else.
Kulturbloggen (Read it here)
”This is without doubt a music duo that really stands out. Experienced and versatile musicians that take off from folk music but dare to cross genre borders. In the melting pot where their music is created, a totally unique sound with a strong personal touch is formed.”
Länstidningen Östersund
”The width of the music is impressive. From an improvisation over a medieval hymn by Hildegard av Bingen, to arty pop songs that really stick.”
Upsala nya tidning
”The result is unique. No song on the album sounds like the other, but there is still a solid feeling that they’re all connected. ”
Lira Magazine

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Långbacka/Bådagård are Swedish singers and multi-instrumentalists Maja Långbacka and Matilda Bådagård. Photo: Mikael Sjöberg /

Pop with a folk soul. Or folk with a pop soul, depending who’s listening. Långbacka/Bådagård are Swedish singers and multi-instrumentalists Maja Långbacka and Matilda Bådagård. Their music has been described as ”the soundtrack of a fairy tale” and ”as if Regina Spector had moved to the Scandinavian mountains and learned how to play the fiddle”. Or, simply, as pop music with a great portion of Swedish folk music.

Autumn 2018 Långbacka/Bådagård released WAKE US UP and the duo has since then toured intensively in Sweden and Europe. Go to TOUR for updates on live shows.

April 2020, the duo released their second album EVERY LITTLE WHISPER TURNS INTO A ROAR, highly acclaimed by the critics. In 2020/2021 Långbacka/Bådagård composed the musical score for Swedish movie GLACIÄR, the first film by world famous Swedish author Camilla Läckberg and director Baker Karim. The movie premiered in April 2021 on movie theaters and streaming platform Viaplay, and the soundtrack was released as the duo’s third album.

In 2022 the duo followed up their latest album releases with the EVERY LITTLE WHISPER TOUR. In 2023 the duo composed the original music score for feature documentary BLOOD, INK AND SOCKS (Johan Ribe) and for screenplay/dance performance ORIGINAL GODS – Fåglarnas skolgård (Teater 3). In April 2024 they will release their new studio album GROWING UP GROWING DOWN, followed by a tour.


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”Growing Up Growing Down” (2024) VINYL

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”Every little whisper turns into a roar” (2020) CD

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”Wake us up” (2018) CD

150 SEK (tax and shipping included)


SOLSBURY HILL [Official video]

GLACIÄR Motion picture official trailer








March 20 | Viksäng bibliotek, Västerås

April 10 | Katalin jazzbaren, Uppsala ALBUM RELEASE

April 11 | Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm ALBUM RELEASE TICKETS

April 13 | Kulturkvarteret, Kristianstad

April 17 | Östersund TICKETS

April 18 | Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvall TICKETS

April 19 | Härnösand TICKETS

April 20 | Örnsköldsvik TICKETS

April 21 | Sollefteå TICKETS

May 2 | Messingen Kulturhus, Upplands Väsby TICKETS

June 6 | Upplands-Bro

Aug 10 | Kalmar

Oct 5 | Råby kulturkväll, Västerås

Oct 7 | Kulturhuset, Hässleholm

Oct 9 | Victoriateatern, Malmö

Oct 10 | Nygatan 6, Växjö

Nov 11-24 | Tour in Uppland, Sweden. Venues TBA.



Feb 17 | Nyköpings kulturcafé, Nyköping, Sweden

Mars 16 | Gislaved, Sweden

Mars 24 | Wasabryggeriet, Borlänge, Sweden

April 2 | Q-bar, Sundsvall, Sweden

April 20 | Scenkonst Sörmland, Eskilstuna, Sweden

April 20 | Scenkonst Sörmland, Eskilstuna, Sweden

April 30 | Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden

May 3 | Vallentuna kulturhus, Stockholm, Sweden

June 11 | Töresunds kyrka, Stallarholmen, Sweden

Aug 11 | Taket Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, Sweden

Aug 20 | Teaterparken, Nyköping, Sweden

Sept 3 | Göteborg folk festival, Göteborg, Sweden

Sept 17 | Tyresta, Stockholm, Sweden

Sept 17 | Himlavalvet, Stockholm, Sweden

Sept 18 | Kulturoasen, Uppsala, Sweden

October 12 | Kulturumteatern, Sigtuna, Sweden

October 13 | Victoriateatern, Malmö,  Sweden

October 14 | Biblioteket, Lidköping,  Sweden

October 15 | Folkets hus, Trosa,  Sweden

November 19 | STALLET, Stockholm,  Sweden TICKETS HERE!

December 10 | Venue TBA, Katowice, Poland

December 11 | Venue TBA, Katowice, Poland



June 30 | Kalmar teater, Sweden (streaming)

July 1 | Carlas café, Borgholm, Sweden

July 2 | Strandkompaniet, Löderup, Sweden

Aug 5 | Taket Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Aug 20 | Stola herrgård, Lidköping, Sweden

Sept 18 | Västmanlands teater, Västerås, Sweden

Sept 19 | Kulturoasen, Uppsala, Sweden

Nov 20 | NORDIC SESSIONS (w/ Sofia Karlsson, Per Störby Jutbring, André Ferrari) Kulturhuset, Järna, Sweden  Tickets

Nov 27 | Kulturhuset, Kiruna, Sweden

Dec 04 | Skottvångs grufva, Mariefred, Sweden



Feb 11 | Byagården Runemo, Alfta, Sweden

Feb 13 | Bergsjögården, Bergsjö, Sweden

Feb 14 | Backa Bygdegård, Forsa, Sweden

Feb 15 | Solhuset, Ljusdal, Sweden

Mars 14 | Christianae kyrka, Alingsås, Sweden

Mars 28 | Aggershus, Sweden CANCELLED due to Covid-19

April 4  | I afton live, Uppsala Konsert och Kongress, Uppsala, Sweden LIVE STREAMED CONCERT. Link here!

April 5  | Kulturoasen, Uppsala, Sweden CANCELLED due to Covid-19, New date in November.

April 26  |Release concert, Bring it home, Sweden LIVE STREAMED CONCERT.

May 6  | Futurum, Järna, Sweden CANCELLED due to Covid-19

May 14 | Tonfabriken , Järna LIVE STREAMED CONCERT

May 30 | Kaanan café, Stockholm, Sweden

June 12-13  | Berättarfestivalen, Ljungby, Sweden CANCELLED due to Covid-19

June 14  | Pite festspel, Piteå, Sweden CANCELLED due to Covid-19

NEW! July 25  | TrädgårdsLive, Varberg, Sweden TICKETS

NEW! July 29  | Musikplats 45, Sillesgården, Sweden TICKETS

August 14  | Ålands kulturnatt, Åland, Sweden CANCELLED due to Covid-19

NEW! September 10 | LIVE STREAMED CONCERT  | Playing with music, Sweden WATCH

September 11 | Go’Kväll SVT, Sweden (TV performance)

September 26  | Svampen, Örebro, Sweden CANCELLED due to Covid-19

Nov 8  | Kulturoasen, Uppsala, Sweden New date!

October 17  | Nygatan 6, Växsjö, Sweden TICKETS



January 18 | MIDVINTERKONSERT, Sigtunastiftelsen, Sigtuna, Sweden

March 08 | Västerås bibliotek, Västerås, Sweden

March 08 | Upplands-Bro kulturhus, Sweden

Mars 14 | Ingesunds folkhögskola, Sweden

Mars 15 | Bror Hjorts hus, Uppsala, Sweden

Mars 20 | Victoriateatern, Malmö, Sweden

April 13 | Pygméteatern, Stockholm, Sweden TICKETS HERE

April 15 | Hässleholms kulturhus, Sweden

April 24 | Katalin (supporting Lisa Miskovsky), Uppsala, Sweden

May 25 | Konstepedemins festival, Göteborg, Sweden

June 27 | Kirunafestivalen, Cityscenen, Kiruna, Sweden

June 28 | Saltofolk, Saltoloukta, Sweden

June 30 | Bio Norden, Jokkmokk, Sweden

July 17 | Österbybruks kyrka, Österbybruk, Sweden

July 20 | Fallens dagar (supporting Eric Gadd), Trollhättan, Sweden

August 23| Sigridslunds café, Nyköping/Sparreholm, Sweden

November 15| Martinus Hall, Vantaa, Finland



September 29 | Järna Kulturnatt, Sweden

October 04 | Tirra, Lahti, Finland

October 05 | G Livelab, Helsinki, Finland

October 06 | Hvaskjer, Oslo, Norway

October 07 | Statsraaden, Bergen, Norway

October 12 | Stallet, Stockholm jazz festival, Sweden OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE CONCERT

October 13 | Galleria Oscar C, Örebro, Sweden



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